Friday, January 13, 2017

Gemma No. 1

Today, I would love to show off my a Gemma top I made from some Cotton & Steel fabric (Melody Miller - Mustang - Arrows - Navy Metallic) back in December but had not had a chance to blog about. The Gemma pattern is by Made by Rae and is really as quick and easy as it is billed to be (this is coming from a quilter and ultra beginner garment sewer).

The office I work in has a temperature of very cold to frigid year round, but outside of the office South Carolina can get quite toasty in the summer.  The only solution I have found is to layer my clothes so I don't freeze or bake to death.  I have tons of cardigans to wear over short sleeved or sleeve-less tops.

I have been wanting to add some more tops to my wardrobe and thought that maybe I could make some and thought the Gemma shirt would it the bill.  I am a fan of Made by Rae, having made a couple of Geranium dresses for my daughter and a Washi dress for me.

The top really did go together super quickly.  The most time consuming part was the bias binding on the neck and arm holes (and there are even options to not use the bias tape but I think that it really adds a nice detail).

After I had my first Gemma top complete, I was already hunting through my stash for fabric to make you may be seeing a few more Gemma shirts on the blog in the next few months :)

Sorry about the pictures in this post.  My 9 year old was the photographer and I was talking to him while he was taking pictures.  So my face in every (in-focus, usable) picture had this super weird expression, hence the cropping of my head :)

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Meadow Mystery Quilt - Blocks 2 and 5 - January Instructions

Welcome to the January instructions for the Meadow Mystery Quilt! This month we are going to finishing up all of the blocks for the quilt by making Blocks 2 and 5.

Reminder for sharing your blocks: Please feel free to arrange the blocks and post guesses of the quilt top arrangement, it is part of the fun of the mystery!

If you know the actual quilt top design (if you saw a sneak peek of the design), please refrain from commenting on whether arrangements are "right" or "wrong" and please do not post pictures of your blocks in the actual mystery quilt arrangement.  Have fun mixing up your blocks in different arrangements :)  Remember that we want to keep the final design a secret for as long as possible.

In case you are new to the Meadow Mystery Quilt here are some links to all of the relevant information:

And now onto the January directions :) This month we will be using the last of the fabric pieces and units to make the final blocks for the quilt top.  Just as a reminder, here are the corresponding fabric letters to colors used in these illustrations:

Block 2

Arrange and sew the following fabric pieces as listed and shown below, pressing all seams open.  Block 2 should measure 12 ½” x 12 ½”.  Repeat to form a total of 4 Block 2's.

Block 5

Form 1 B/D strip set by sewing a Fabric B strip (2 ½” x WOF) to a Fabric D strip (2 ½” x WOF), pressing the seam open.  Cut the B/D strip set into 16 B/D Strip Units (2 ½” x 4 ½”). (Cut carefully as you will be using almost the entire WOF of the strip set.)

Form 1 B/E strip set by sewing a Fabric B strip (2 ½” x WOF) to a Fabric E strip (2 ½” x WOF), pressing the seam open.  Cut the B/E strip set into 16 B/D Strip Units (2 ½” x 4 ½”). (Cut carefully as you will be using almost the entire WOF of the strip set.)

Arrange and sew the following fabric pieces listed and shown below, pressing all seams open.  Block 5  should measure 12 ½” x 12 ½”.  Repeat to form a total of 8 Block 5's.

**Note** Do not worry about the orientation of the seams in the B/D and B/E Half Hourglass Units within the block.

Be sure to share your progress in our Facebook Group :)  The next set of instructions which include the quilt top assembly and the finishing instructions will be posted next month on Thursday, February 2nd.

Many thanks to our sponsors!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Best of 2016

Hi and welcome to my stop on the Best of 2016 blog linky party!  I had such fun going through my posts from the year to figure out which 5 posts I would be highlighting today.  It was a great way for me to review the year and revisit some finishes from earlier in the year that I had forgotten about.

I picked my top 5 posts by the posts with the most views (minus any giveaway posts).  Click on any of the titles to be taken to the actual blog post for more information and pictures.

1.  Sheets as Quilt Backings
My post about using sheets as quilt backings (and tips for successful sheet selection) was my #1 most viewed post ever with over 14,000 views!  If you hop over to that post, be sure to read the comments as the quilters that commented added a lot of knowledge and value to the topic.  

2.  Meadow Mystery Quilt
The instruction posts each month for the Meadow Mystery Quilt have been some of my highest view posts for the year so I am going lump them into one best of entry.  We are piecing together some blocks this month, there is still time for you to join in :)

3.  Midnight Mystery Quilt
The Midnight Mystery Quilt posts have also been very popular, especially the quilt reveal parade post which has over 100 versions of the quilt! (You can see the parade right here).   The instruction posts will always be available on my blog so you can start anytime!

4.  Canvas Lines Quilt
I designed Canvas Lines with a slight tribal feel with alternating diagonal geometric shapes and negative space. Canvas Lines combined some of the prints from the Doe collection by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman with some crisp Kona white fabric. The Canvas Lines quilt and pattern are available in the Quilter's Planner (and my plan is to release a full pattern including baby, lap, and queen sizes early next year).

5.  Kiku Quilt
I made the Kiku quilt for the Quilts from 100 Blocks Magazine Fall 2016 edition from my block Cloud Burst which was a paper pieced block design. In Kiku I enlarged the block, added partial blocks on either side to finish off the secondary patterns, and added a bunch of negative space. Johellen George quilted a pattern of double swirls on the quilt.  I just found out that the quilt was accepted into QuiltCon in the piecing category (under the original quilt name Cloud Burst).

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I hope you will consider linking up your favorite posts from 2016!  You can visit the Best of post right here.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Best of 2016 Linky Party!

Welcome to the Best of 2016 Linky Party!  This is the second annual "Best of" blog party to share your and read others top 5 posts of 2016.

To take part in the link party, simply write a blog post highlighting your "best" 5 posts from 2016 and linkup. There is no set way to pick your best, you can pick your posts anyway you would like, some examples include:
  • Posts with the most views
  • Posts with the most comments
  • Posts that provoked the best discussions
  • Posts showing your favorite 2016 finishes
  • Posts of your best tutorials
  • Posts that are simply your favorites

    The link party is open now and will remain open for 1 week, closing on Monday, January 2nd.

    I invite you to grab a cup of tea, coffee, apple cider, or your favorite blog reading beverage, relax, and have some fun reading the best blog posts of 2016 :)

    Wednesday, December 21, 2016

    Meadow Mystery Quilt {My Blocks 1, 3, and 4}

    This month for the Meadow Mystery Quilt we made pieced some of our units into blocks making Blocks 1, 3, and 4. The Facebook group so full of some wonderful versions. If you want to join in, it is not too late!

    Some links for more information:

    I am making two versions of the Meadow Mystery Quilt, a more traditional version using Gentle Breezes by Maywood Studio and a more modern version using some of my favorite text prints. I once again only have the Modern Text blocks to share today (I am hoping to get caught up on the traditional version in January).

    The instructions are given out on the first Thursday of every month so the next set of instructions will be posted on the blog on Thursday, January 5th.

    I am linking up with Let's Bee Social at Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts and Needle and Thread Thursday at Kelly @My Quilt Infatuation.